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May 8, 2017


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May 8, 2017: Dear Glenroy, ‬ Growing up I was taught by society that "batty-man fi dead" and as a child it has never sat well with me that a human being should lose his/her life for choosing who to love but I did what most Jamaicans has always done, avoid the topic and mind my business. Over the years I have interacted with you and has love and accepted you as a friend. Our friendship is so dear to be that I become defensive when any utterances of the phrase from my childhood days arise. The day you came out was no surprise as I noticed and looked beyond the umph of your waist and that memorable strut in the way you walk. The day you came out a weight was lifted off my shoulders I was happy that you could finally be you in our presence and we no longer had to think "is that ok to say?". When I see you I don't see Glenroy the gay guy I know, I see Glenroy Murray aka Murray Goodas; an intelligent individual I call my friend. I loved you then, I love you now and as long as you be yourself i will love you forever. Love Cecile aka Kitty