A global support network for the LGBTIQ+ community


For many in the Jamaican LGBTQI+ community, it can feel as though no allies exist. Many allies do not know how to show their support or how to help.

I Am An Ally exists to bring Jamaica’s LGBTQI+ community and its allies together. It is a safe space for the community and its allies to make their voices heard and stand together for a more inclusive and loving world.

Your purchase of a T-shirt will help increase the visibility of allies both in your community and in Jamaica. For every T-shirt purchased, one will be given to a Jamaican Ally to proudly wear support for their LGBTQI+ family, friends and neighbors.

One for One
For every t-shirt purchased, one is given to an ally in Jamaica.

All proceeds from your donation will go to the continuation of the #IAmAnAlly campaign.

If you wish to use a pseudonym to protect your identity, feel free to do so.


Required for US, Canada, and Australia

$ (USD) Must be at least $40 (USA) or $45 (international) to purchase a T-shirt