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July 19, 2017


Jamaica is a very homophobic society.

Dear Shanara, I'm a 22 year old polysexual woman living in Jamaica. I always knew I was different growing up. It was very hard because I was raised in a Christian home and I always felt detached from my family. When I was 16 I told my mother I had a girlfriend. She was devastated. From then it went downhill. I had to leave home. I had nowhere to go. It was very hard. I struggled alot. It set me back in so many ways. I got molested, raped, abused, taken advantage of etc. I was near death at one point. But I survived. I left home four different times and since the last, I haven't gone back. My relationship with my family is civil now and I wish it could be better but if they don't learn to accept me then that will not happen and I've grown to be ok with that.

Jamaica is a very homophobic society. I aspire to be an advocate so that I can help change a lot of the mindsets and help the country to unlearn the negative things. It's very draining but I'm determined to pull through.

Yours sincerely, Kelly-Ann.

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