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April 16, 2017


I never really came out. I rolled out and rolled all over you in a big puff ball of gayness and excitement.

Dear Goodies,

I never really came out. I rolled out and rolled all over you in a big puff ball of gayness and excitement. LOL. It is to be expected. I think by now I have told all of you the story of how I never really had an attraction to women but never thought about what it meant until I started to like a guy. And then, as time went on I had a boyfriend which didn’t go down well with my family. I have talked about how I became a recluse in my own home until I finally got to a point where I cared little about how I was perceived by the world, and I just did me. Thank Ashe’s Attractor Factor Project for pushing me in the right direction. All of those things at the start got the ball rolling.

What kept it rolling was not just a continuous resistance against a society that deemed me “battyboy” and “sissy”. I mean, its not my fault I strut instead of stepping. It isn’t my fault I have extra umph in the way my waist moves. I guess I can be blamed a little for the way I talk, but you all like it, right? I digress. What kept the ball rolling was the undying support I got from all of you. None of you never once asked me to be anything but myself. I went into so many spaces being heavily critiqued and analyzed for my difference and you all enjoyed and celebrated it. It was so refreshing to not be in friendships where there were constant personality clashes and insults flying around (yea, high school was rough). Thanks for the support. I can walk, swish, sashay, chantey, advocate, demonstrate and educate in sometimes the most emotional draining spaces because you provide the spaces for me to just listen two Spice and be free. I can’t ever truly explain how important it is for members of the community to have this kind of support system. It truly gives us the strength to go on.

Kristina, you have seen me through break-ups and heartache and you cried with me. Regina, You reaffirm me in my doubts and stand by me in my caylissniss. Cecile, you are always there to put a smile on my face and extend a helping hand. I love you all. Everyone LGBT person deserves allies like you.

- Glenroy

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