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April 16, 2017


You have made me feel appreciated and loved at all times.

Dear Samantha,

Your continued love and support over the years has not gone unnoticed. It has become increasingly difficult to cope with my experiences of verbal harassment and homophobic comments on a daily basis. The support and comfort that you have shown me, has always made me feel welcomed and accepted - making my seemingly 'abnormal' life feel normal. It is so very easy for someone like myself to feel completely alone and insignificant in this society but you have made the difference. You have made me feel appreciated and loved at all times. Making me unafraid to be who I am and live a life completely out of love and not fear.

The hatred that LGBTQ members face on a daily basis because of our sexual identity and gender expression, makes it very difficult to integrate who we are into a society such as this one. It is very hard to become a functioning member of society without the right support and encouragement from the people around us. We all need allies such as yourself to lend as much moral support as possible. You help us through the hard times and give us the strength we need to face each day with hope and optimism. Being ourselves in a world that is incredibly unsupportive of who we are is more gruelling than one can imagine. The little acts of kindness we receive, goes an incredibly long way. What is seen as a small gesture of acceptance and support, impacts our lives in a profound and sometimes life changing way.

My friend, these small gestures of love are a huge investment in our future happiness to live our lives with the comfort of your unwavering support. It only takes these small acts to serve as examples of what unity and equality should look like - setting the tone for the bigger picture. You have created the space for further expansion and growth so others can open their hearts and minds to the idea of accepting us. Thanks for being the change we can only hope to see someday, for allowing us a safe place without fear of judgement. Thank you for being an ally.

Yours truly,

Shanieka Robinson

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