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May 8, 2017


To those who stood by me,

As someone who has never identified as straight , it was weird to see how much easier it was for people to accept me as a bisexual female instead of a lesbian, as if I was only valid if I still kind of stuck to their idea of what's normal. It took me a long time to find myself and it also came with a lot of hurt and loss . Coming out in Jamaica was hard, and I wish I could say that it's any different in the US, but safe spaces are few and far between here as well, but I've come to accept that if people are not willing to see me as a whole person instead of just a lesbian, or a girl going through a "phase" (the longest phase EVER) , then it really is their loss. I am proud of my passion, I am proud of my gayness and I am proud to say that's apart of who I am . So thank you for seeing me, for accepting me and allowing me to be annoyingly and unapologetically me, all day everyday.

Love ,


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