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October 22, 2017


To my dearest Immediate family,

I am Writing this letter not for your approval but to let you know how you have aided the forces seeking to destroy my spirit and my will to live. I suppose every child feels that they are somewhat different from everyone else but I always knew I was gay, but never knew the words to describe how I felt. I won’t deny who I am, I won’t change and I wouldn’t want to change because this is the only me, the one you have set out to destroy. You have tormented me with your warped sense of morality and beaten my spirit with your religious indignation, I push you all away because it hurts to be near you all. It is hard to be a family when there is a fleeting Conditional “love”.

I want you all to know that despite the pressure, the hate, the ridicule, the psychological torture, verbal abuse, the unforgivable acts, I will continue to be me and do the best I can to advocate for the rights, and fair treatment every human is deserving of. I want you to know that i am loved by many and I won’t be alone. I want you all to know though my will was damaged it has only grown stronger, my optimism brighter. I want you to know that I see and feel change coming and it can’t be stopped and with that change is more love and less hate. I want you to know that its far easier to love than to hate because to love comes more naturally.

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