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November 13, 2017


I had alot of self esteem issues

Growing up in jamaica as a member of the LGBT community really sucked and there isn't a need to sugar coat it. I had great moments from time to time but if I didn't have the love of my grandmother, mother, and a very small amount of other family members I don't know if I would be here today. I had to deal with others bullying me everywhere I go. Family, at school, work and even church . Because of being bullied everyday of my life I suffered from depression and no one noticed but me .

I had things thrown at me when walking on the street in my community ,people calling me "battyman" and "fish", my father not loving me the way he should because he is homophobic ,family members ashamed to say their are related to me ,kids spitting in my food at school and trying to fight me ,discrimination when going to church and alot more.

I had alot of self esteem issues but my goal was always to leave Jamaica and find success and happiness in the United States where I can be my true self and be the successful person I was ment to be . Now I live in New York city ,have an amazing relationship with someone who genuinely loves me, A published Male Model and life is getting better each day .

Do I ever wanna go back to Jamaica?

If it's not important I have no need to because their are more unpleasant memories than good ones and I won't allow anything to stop my success or my greatness in the future .

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