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December 26, 2017


when I was growing up I had a group of friends who lived next door, out of the three, I was closest to one, we would touch each other at the back of his house and kiss at the age 7. One day my aunt came over and she saw me sneaking through the fence, so she decided to sneak behind me to see why I am going through the fence. She peeked and saw me kissing my male friend, she shouted out to my mom and dad and told them what I was doing, I went home in shame, when I got there they kept beating me and saying if a ‘battyman me want turn? Before that happens, they will beat it out of me, a few years after when I was 13 years of age I went by the same fence one night to kiss the guy. We were making plans to go have sex with an older man who was about 27 in the mean time we started kissing and a couple minutes after his 16-year-old brother came up and said what you guys doing? “I said whispering something” he was panicking. when they both went inside he asked his brother what he thought we were doing? his brother said, “nothing he was just asking”.

A few months later the 27-year-old guy kept kissing at us, so we decided to dress up and go by his house, on our way out my older sister who was 19 stopped us and asked, where are we going? I lied and said, “we are going to take a walk” she said Jason I know when you are lying, so she threatened to call my mom and his mom and tell them we were going somewhere. I explain to her that this guy kept kissing after us, so we decided to go by his place. she started to laugh and said are you serious then she confronted the guy about the kissing after us, then told us not to do anything like that and told us the dangers and what could happen.

When I just found out I was actually ‘gay’, It was my 16th birthday where I had my first sexual experience, and I loved it and keep doing it until I was addicted, and then I came out at age 17 which has been rough ever since.

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