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January 27, 2018


LGBT experiences in Jamaica can be scary

LGBT experiences in Jamaica can be scary especially among teens as I can speak for many. However, there are aspects of my life where I’m happy and I can say I have had good experiences like meeting incredible friend's, and having a space where I can be myself and feel comfortable.

In the past, being LGBT in Jamaica is something I wished away at times, after coming out to my mom at age 15 it was emotional but shocking experience, I had greatly expected for her to judge me. Thankfully she accepted me and at that point in time her motherly instincts had become more protective as she had stereotypes in her head that other homosexuals hunt on the young ones to solicit them with material or financial favors.

About a year later my father who was temperamental found out I’m homosexual by a family member my mom trusted. My father finding out I’m gay was the most difficult moment in my life. He had me in jarring situations and treated me no different from the dog outside. As he would make no accommodation for me in his house I had to sleep outside for that was what he saw fit for my ‘lifestyle’.

I have also been a victim of an attempted rape by gang members of my father gang which made me to feel disgusted by myself and living with the fear of a STD. fortunately I had a friend who has been there to support me through my hectic life journey. My Friend had helped paid for me to get tested. I was ashamed to go to a public health-center to get that test done because I was afraid of what they would say about me because of my slender body and because I looked like a child.

I have had a lot more negative experiences during my life and I must say it has gotten a bit more frantic. Nevertheless, I live life by faith and being prudent, basically living through my experiences to better the future.

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