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July 12, 2017


Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

Dear Mom,

Take a seat because I’m about to get emotive, lol. Seriously, I’ve never told you how grateful I am to be able to call such an amazing woman my mother.

It must have been a lot to digest when I took home a female as my partner after seeing me date males most of my high school years. I bet just as hard as it was for me to accept myself. I saw people around me and I heard some of their stories about not being loved by their families and most importantly their parents, I refused to live in a closet but I had it easier than most because I knew you would love me irrespective of who I choose to love. I knew this because you had already accepted Taneitha, loved her just the same and opened up your arms and home to her partners’.

You not only accepted one gay daughter but three, without judgment, without hate and without shame. You have been the same Mom you were before I came out to you. You have been my confidant, my councillor, my best friend. I am lucky enough to not feel abandoned because of my sexuality and for that I am grateful.

It’s scary sometimes, knowing there are people who would hurt me or my sisters because of our sexual preferences and for the most parts their own weak egos. People who would verbally abuse and degrade us not trying for a second to understand us or if not understanding then accepting or respecting us as human beings with rights. For the most parts though I am happy. I have found my space. I think being a part of a “minority” is motivation in itself to strive to be bigger than any belief or any law that tries to oppress you. I get to be my true self and love who I want to love which is more than many can say.

With all that said. Thank you, for being there and not turning your back as many other family members did. Thank you for being a Mother first, for helping me accepting myself, thank you for loving me unconditionally.

Love Always, Tashann.

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